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Website Policy


Website Acceptable Usage Policy


The SCALA website (scalaweb.org) is the exclusive property of the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association. 


The items below dictate acceptable usage of the website as defined by the SCALA Executive Board.

  • The website is designed to be the primary informational resource of the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association.

  • The SCALA website will not post / promote individual school/ business events or programs, including emails to membership for the same purpose.

  • School districts / colleges / professional music associations will be allowed to post/ promote events (i.e. workshops/clinics/ programs) that invite participation by students and / or teachers of Suffolk County Art programs.

  • General Membership emails will contain items / information related to SCALA organization business / functions only.

  • Paid Institutional Members of SCALA will have the opportunity to post a link (including a brief description of their organization / business) on the “Institutional Members” page only.

  • SCALA does not share the personal contact information (email address, home address, phone number, etc.) of any organization member.