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Professional Development Workshop Series

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Hello again SCALA Members,


We are approaching the end of the school year, and boy, what an end it has been. Our time sheltering at home, while invested in remote or distance learning, extended longer than any of us imagined or hoped for.  During this time, all of us, some members more than others, were converting our “hands-on” coursework into new platforms: Google classrooms, e-boards, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and many variations of these applications. These new ways of teaching tend to be all consuming, overwhelming, and we can become easily distracted by the simplest of tasks.


These challenges also offered us great opportunities. In between the juggling of creating and posting meaningful assignments, checking in who has and who hasn’t submitted this work, sending and resending emails to students and guardians, there is the prospect for learning. 


This is where SCALA comes in.


An entirely new way of educating our art students has opened up. Though not ideal, we have had to navigate these new waters. We have had to discover new and innovative ways, resources, projects, and units of study that have wonderfully broadened our scope of teaching. Now is the time to think about how and when you would like to share this with your fellow SCALA members. 


Now is the time to fill out and submit our attached 2021-20 CTLE Proposal Form. 




Don’t hesitate. 


Don’t doubt yourself.


Take us on Virtual Tours of Museums. 


Show us all the YouTube videos you found for our younger learners. 


Share with us how to work, record with & edit our own videos with document cameras & ChromeBooks. 


Show us how to present a Virtual Art Show for our students, parents & staff. 


Or simply show us how Visual Art teachers can best be utilizing any and all of the Google Suite Applications. 


There are so many possibilities for each level of instruction, topic, Art History period, etc……

Just as we do not know what the future holds for ourselves, or for our schools, neither do we know how or where a future SCALA workshop will be held. Please plan for both virtual instruction &/or in person, as we are each becoming more equipped and familiar with virtual meetings, we will need to be flexible next year, especially when it comes to venues, at different times of the year. Keep in mind that most districts have already set forth a moratorium on outside groups coming into their schools, so this will be greatly limiting the availability of workshop sites.  Hence, our emphasis on virtual training. 


We are especially looking for workshops that could be presented in segments. This would allow our members, for example, to participate in a 60-minute training session, work independently for an hour, and then reconvene with you for another 60 minutes at another date/time for further training, troubleshooting, Q&A, etc. 

We here at SCALA believe that this format will be very attractive to our members, moving forward. Time is of the essence for our members and breaking up your training will allow for more flexibility, time to digest and comprehend content, along with practice. Then members can consult with you and fellow attendees on their independent practice, encounters and discoveries.


Please reach out to any of us, even if you have the smallest of ideas. We will help & encourage you to develop these concepts.


Individually, we have so much to offer each other. Now, more than ever, we need each other’s wisdom, experience and guidance. 


SCALA will pay instructors $75.00 per (workshop) hour. Instructors are responsible for the set-up/break-down of their workshop, as it is factored into the workshop and will not incur additional time or fees. Please note that materials required for workshops are provided at the instructor’s expense. SCALA prefers to run workshops without a materials fee, as our members are already paying a fee to take your workshop. 


We are also asking that you consider volunteering in some other aspect of SCALA so that this organization can continue to thrive. Please fill out the area of the form that lets us know where you would like to volunteer.


Submit your 2021-2022 workshop proposal(s) by Wednesday, MAY 26, 2021. 


All proposals will be reviewed by SCALA. Instructors under consideration will be contacted by the Co-Directors for Professional Development to discuss dates, materials, needs and location. Upon acceptance, SCALA and the instructor will sign a formal contract. We are planning on signing formal contracts for 2020-2021 by the beginning of September 2020. 


Please feel free to contact Carrie Grillo, Director for the Professional Development Workshop Series, at with any questions. 

If mailing your submission please click on the icon for the paper version of the submission form.