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Professional Development 



Ongoing professional development is the best way to improve learning outcomes for all students. To that end, SCALA's mission is to bring quality professional development experiences to art educators and leaders across Suffolk County. The purpose of the SCALA Professional Development Workshop Series is to enhance the instructional strategies of our members and to ensure that Suffolk’s art educators continue to strengthen their practice throughout their careers.  Targeted, art-specific professional development enables art educators to develop the knowledge and skills needed to address students’ learning challenges.



Why you should attend a SCALA workshop:


With constant changes in the field of education, participation in professional development programs can help you keep up with trends and best-practices in order to meet students’ ever-changing needs. As an art educator, exposure to new or different methods and strategies can expand your knowledge-base and make you more efficient in your practices. Additionally, meeting with other art educators from around the county can provide much-needed camaraderie, support, and resources. Take the time to re-invigorate your teaching practice by becoming the student, for a change! Join us for engaging art education workshops taught by your peers in the field from across Suffolk. We look forward to seeing you at a future workshop.



Please go to the Professional Development drop-down menu to view workshop descriptions, registration forms, and proposal forms.

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