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Suffolk County Art Leaders Association 

Professional Development Workshop Series


Our mission is to bring quality art education experiences to art educators/leaders across Suffolk County. We are looking for innovative and interesting learning opportunities and ideas. The purpose is to enhance art-teaching methods of our members and to promote advocacy for art programs throughout Suffolk County. Our target participants are new as well as seasoned art educators. Their options for workshops need to be refreshing so as to sustain their interest for the entire time frame scheduled.


You are therefore invited to submit a Professional Development Proposal for either one 3-hour class or two 3-hour classes, totaling no more than 6 hours. (We will be limiting the 6 hr. workshops so try to submit for a 3 hr. workshop). Please include 3 high quality digital images with your proposal of the project.

Label each images as follows: #1 Name of Project_ First Name and Last Name

                                                 #2 Name of Project_ First Name and Last Name

                                                 #3 Name of Project_ First Name and Last Name

You can send images of your project via email to kasmiramohanty@gmail.com

or click on via this website - contacts>kasmira mohanty.  Fill out the necessary information and upload your images. 


We are looking for a variety of workshops that are theory, student population, technology and/or pedagogy based. SCALA welcomes activities appropriate for all grade levels. It is encouraged that instructors prepare handouts with objectives including connections with the NYS Learning Standards for the Visual Arts, goals, additional resources, and lists of materials. Please note that materials required for workshops are provided at the instructor’s expense. SCALA prefers to run workshops without a materials fee, as our members are already paying a fee to take your workshop.


Workshops must include a hands-on activity that can realistically be utilized in a classroom setting, with suggested adaptations for various developmental applications. One of those adaptations needs to be a half hour of what teachers can do with this lesson to relate to ENL learners.  You could talk about converting documents into a specific language or a website that offers help with this.  Our goal is to offer workshops on Thursday evenings, from 4:30p – 7:30p, from October through May. Instructors may choose to create either one or two 3-hour workshops, for a total of 6 hours. SCALA will pay instructors $75.00 per (workshop) hour. Instructors are responsible for the set up/break down of their workshop, as it is factored into the workshop, and will not incur additional time or fees. We are also asking that you volunteer in some other aspect of SCALA so that this organization can continue to thrive. Please fill out the area that lets us know where you would like to volunteer.


SCALA workshops are held at various locations across Suffolk County.


The deadline to submit your 2019-2020 workshop proposals is Friday May 10, 2019. All proposals will be reviewed by SCALA. Instructors under consideration will be contacted by the Co-Directors for Professional Development to discuss dates, materials, needs and location. Upon acceptance, SCALA and the instructor will sign a formal contract. We are planning on signing formal contracts for 2019-2020 by May 16, 2019. Please feel free to contact Nancy Pagano, npagano@mccsd.net director for the Professional Development Workshop Series, with any questions.

You, as the instructor, will be now be responsible for snacks for your class and we will reimburse you up to $25.00.


We are now asking for you to give back your time by volunteering on some committee, in some capacity. 

Please check off what you would be interested in on the form.


SCALA recognizes that emergencies or inclement weather may occur.  It is the instructor’s responsibility to notify the Director for Professional Development as soon as possible with cancellation or changes to the workshop schedule.

If mailing your submission please click on the icon below for the forms and please send or email to:


Nancy Pagano

170 Holbrook Ave

 Holbrook Road Elem.,



Professional Development proposals 

for 2020-2021will be accepted beginning in April 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you then.